How to Book

Find a Rental
  1. Browse available rentals in a specific city.
Request to Book
  1. Select your move-in date and rental term.
  2. Complete the rental requirements.
    1. Verify you mobile phone number.
    2. Add an additional verification: Government-issued ID, Facebook account, or LinkedIn account.
  3. Add payment method: credit/debit card or Paypal.
    1. Note: Your card or paypal account will be pre-authorized for the full payment total.
  4. Wait for host to accept or decline your request (within 24hrs).
    1. If the host accepts your request, your payment method will be charged in full and you will receive confirmation.
    2. If your request is declined, you won't be charged.
  1. Coordinate with host the exact logistics of the move-in.
  2. If you have problems moving in, contact customer support immediately.
  3. If your stay is over 1 month, you must make additional payments directly to the host each month for the remainder of the rental term.