How Hosting Works

Rent out your extra room or entire apartment for 1 night to 12 months. Let guests request to book your place and pay online.

Create a Listing
  1. Fill out your address.
    1. Use your real street address (your address won't be displayed publicly).
  2. Fill out overview of the accommodation.
    1. Choose the attributes that describe your accommodation.
    2. Choose how many renters can stay at your accommodation at once.
    3. Select if you require a verified ID (recommended).
  3. Fill out description.
    1. Write a brief title to describe your accommodation
    2. Write a description to inform renters about your space.
    3. Choose the amenities that your space has.
  4. Upload up at least 3 photos.
    1. Upload high-quality pictures of your space. If your listing is for a private or shared bedroom, make sure to include pictures of the room itself.
  5. Fill out pricing and availability.
    1. Choose the date the accommodation is available on. If the accommodation is only available until a set date, choose the available until date.
    2. Determine the minimum and maximum stay a renter can book.
    3. Determine how far a renter can book in advance.
    4. Set a nightly, weekly, and/or monthly price.
  6. Complete User Profile
    1. Upload a profile picture of yourself.
    2. Write a brief personal description so prospective renters can get to know you better.
Guests Request to Book
  1. Renters may message you with questions regarding your listing.
  2. Renters apply to book your space by filling out payment information and verifying their identity.
  3. Accept or decline the renter's request to book.
    1. If you accept the renter's request to book, you will be required to verify your driver's license, if you have not already done so.
    2. Add payout account (US bank account) to be automatically paid out 24hr after move-in.
Renter Move-In
  1. Coordinate with renter the exact logistics of the move-in.
  2. 1st month rent is automatically paid out 24hr after successful move-in.
  3. For stays over 1 month, collect rent directly from the renter each month for the remainder of the rental term.